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You has been selected by our human resources specialists.
We would like to offer you a position at one of the most prospective and actively developing companies that operates on the insurance market.

We offer you a vacancy of Key Regions Manager.
If you do not have any experience in insurance, but you are older than 23, are able to contact people and support relationships with them,
if you are well-organized, teachable, goal-oriented, zealous and are ready to work in a team, then this job is ideal for you.

You will be able to provide a stable income for your family and make a career even if you never worked in insurance area before.

With diligent work present, you can count on the following preferences:
_ A decent salary with all taxes included
_ Social securities
_ Well-equipped offices
_ Ability to enjoy flexible operating schedule
_ Special contests for workers with valuable gifts: cars, tourist trips, consumer electronics etc.

And also for our new workers we provide:
_ Support from more experienced supervisors
_ Possibility to receive bonuses as a result of efficient work
_ Prospects of fast career growth – 60% of agency directors have grown up from the agents within a year

You can receive more information, having sent a request along with your resume to this email Eleanor@cv-uniongroup.com
Join our company, and your life will change dramatically! qU_charsetqNUepilogueqNU _default_typeqU text/plainqU _unixfromqU,From MAILER-DAEMON Mon Mar 21 23:10:59 2011qU __version__q (KKKtq!Upreambleq"Nub.